Validility of Nikah


Please assist me as I am very concerned and distraught about my sister.
I have found out that my sister has made Nikah to a Muslim man, but she has done this without our knowledge and my parents consent, my parents do not know as yet as I am scared to tell my mother as she disapproves of this man.
The man she has claimed to marry was someone who was studying to become an Aalim….he completed 6 years and then dropped out in his final year from the institution in Newcastle as he felt that he was forced into becoming an Aalim and that it was not for him….this he said after 6 years of studying.
ANSWER: ?????? ????? ???????
Your sister‘s Nikah has taken place. If the Nikah was done while all the conditions were observed then the Nikah is binding. The correct way forward now, is to make them understand that they need to start living their lives correctly. If the boy is not a good person then you should explain to your sister and make her understand that she should ask this person for Talaaq. If she still does not realise and understand that her husband is not good for her and she does not want to ask for Talaaq, than just leave her as she is. If she does not want to help herself, then nobody can help her also.

And Allah Ta’aala knows best
Mufti Muhammed Ashraf
22 July 2010 / 05 Rajab 1431