Accommodation & Meals

Accommodation and meals are provided at the premises of the institute, the cost of which is included in the fees. Meals are provided three times a day as per the usual breakfast, lunch and supper system employed at other sister institutes. Accommodation is usually shared by other students and can amount to up to 10 students per room in large rooms. Students are advised to bring along their own bedding if they have special hygienic needs or just feel more comfortable in their own bedding.

All other expenses are to be borne by the applicant and the institute assumes no responsibility whatsoever for its provision. This can include as diverse financial needs as toiletry, traveling expenses, textbooks and stationery. Emergency needs will however be provided as per the discretion of the institute for which it will have to be reimbursed.


A guide to what the student should bring with him:

  1. Bedding – duvet, blanket, pillow, two pillow cases, 2 bed sheets, 2 bed spreads.
  2. Five white kurtas; the length of which should be at least 5cm above the ankles and below the knees.
  3. Five white trousers; the length of which should be at least 5cm above the ankles.
  4. Plain white topies.
  5. Sleepwear – No shorts will be allowed.
  6. Warm vests for winter and some for summer.
  7. A few pairs of plain black socks and Mozahs for winter.
  8. Sandals – for Wudhu.
  9. Jerseys (with no fancy inscriptions), scarves, shawl and gloves.
  10. One overcoat, one umbrella.
  11. Miswaaks, surma, itr and tasbeeh.
  12. Toiletries – Mirror, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver, nail clipper etc.
  13. Towels, two bath and two hand towels.
  14. Basic medicines, e.g. Panado, plasters and medication of personal illness etc.
  15. Own eating utensils – One cup, plate, bowl, cutlery, etc. (preferably plastic or steel)
  16. Stationery – pens, pencils, paper, books, etc.
  17. Kindly mark your belongings clearly with your name.
  18. Clothing and other articles should be clearly marked with the laundry number allocated to student.