Jamaat before

Is it permissible for a group of people who are travelling to perform their Salaah in Jamaat before the Jamaat of the Masjid Takes place in the Masjid?

ANSWER: اَلْجَوَابُ حَامِداً وَمُصَلِّياً

Prior to the Jamaat Salaah in the Masjid, if some people perform their own Jamaat , due to a need then this will not be Makrooh.

And Allãh Ta’ãla knows best

Mufti Muhammed Ashraf
27 April 2012 / 05 Jumaadul Thaani 1433

Salaah of a Musafir


If a person intends to travel a distance which will make him a Musafir, and when he leaves the place where he lives and stays in town next to his for less than fifteen days will he perform Qasr or will he have to perform the full Salaah?
In a similar manner if a person goes out in Jamaat and does not know where he will go and how long he will remain in one town, what will he do in such a situation?

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Salaam In Salaah


If one prays behind the imaam, and after the imaam has finished both taslims the congragation gives the taslim to both sides (this is the custom method in the masjid i am going thus i also follow this) If after the imaams both taslims, I do give taslim to the rightside and then to the leftside, but i do repeat the taslim to the left side (because of a doubt that i didnt hear myself saying a small portion of the taslim).
Did this break my salaat ? Did i had to do sajdah sahw or what did i had to do ? Or is my salaat complete. I didnt repeat it, if i have to repeat it when must i repeat, is this after 5 salaat times are past away since the the order is waived and the salaats after the salaah which has to be repeated are then valid and no need to repeat those salaats also ?In such case is there a circumstantion that the taslim to leftside is considered delayed and thus must be sajdah sahw ? Or does it not so count since i did it because of a doubt ? In case that the first taslim i thought to be not heard a portion of it, was done correctly, does the addition of the repeating change anything, or is it not to be considered dince i am then already out of salaah and nothing matters what i do say after the taslim to the leftside ?

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Perorming Sunaah Salaah before Azaan


If a person enters the Masjud before the Azaan is called out, will it be correct for him to perform the Sunnats before the Azaan is given. For example a person enters the Masjud before the Azaan of Fajr and wishes to perform the Sunnats of Fajr. Is this correct because I notice that there is Anaalim in our town who performs 2 Rakaat of Salaah before the Azaan is given and does not perform the Sunnats of Fajr after the Azaan is given. I assume that he is performing his Sunnat Salah when he enters the Masjud. Is it correct to do so?

Is it permissible to make Sajdah Tilaawit after one has performed his/her Asr Salaah. i.e If one is reciting Quraan After Asr Salaah and he reads an Aayit of Sajdah. In this case should the person make the Sajdah after reading the or should he make the Sajdah when it is permissible to perform Salaah?

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