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I gave an item which I was selling, to a friend to see if he wanted it (i.e. if he wanted to buy the item) after 3 months, the person I gave the item to Intents to buy the item but does not have the money to pay me. Is it permissible for me to take back the item?

ANSWER: اَلْجَوَابُ حَامِداً وَمُصَلِّياً
When you gave the item to your friend to see if he wanted to buy it or not, then this does not complete the sale and he does not become the owner of the item. Therefore, it is permissible for you to take the item back from your friend.

And Allãh Ta’ãla knows best

Mufti Muhammed Ashraf
30 June 2012 /10 Shabaan 1433


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