Permissibility of credit card


Will it be permissible for a person to make use of a credit card? The reason for this is that one will be involved in interest which is Haraam? Will it be permissible for a shop keeper to sell his merchandise whilst making use of a credit card machine? Will the ruling differ if he buys or sells on straight or budget?

Immediately, after using a credit card, interest will not become compulsory. Interest, normally/generally becomes compulsory after a month. On this basis, majority of the Ulema have issued the verdict, that it would be permissible to use a credit card in all those applications/ conditions where interest does not become compulsory. Whoever uses a credit card, it is duty to pay the amount before the bank or financial institute adds the interest. A business man may keep a credit card facility in his business, provided he accepts credit cards on the straight only.

And Allãh Ta’ãla knows best

Mufti Muhammed Ashraf
07 February 2012 / 14 Rabi’ul Awal 1433