Rules & Regulations

1. Admission to Jameah Mahmoodiyah, Springs, is in the sole and absolute discretion of the Principal.
2. No student will be admitted without a prior test, and without securing a minimum of 55% marks.
3. The student and parents/guardian must sign the admission form.
4. Students coming from other institutes will be required to submit a transfer certificate attested by the previous authorities, bearing his moral background and academical performance.

1. Anyone missing out exams entirely will have to repeat the year. But if he has failed in a subject or two, arrangement for a supplementary exam can be facilitated to make up for the failure.

1. For disciplinary reasons the Principal, Teachers and officials of the Jameah have the full right to check on the students, their activities and go through their rooms and personal effects at any time.
2. Students should not instigate other students or form groups against the interest of the Jameah. Instead they should encourage each other towards piety and good behavior.
3. Misbehavior, violation of the rules of the Sharī‘ah, disrespect to the teachers, authorities or workers, speaking rudely or refusing to obey instructions, quarrelling with fellow students and fighting is totally prohibited. Authorities reserve the rights to reprimand them or punish them to prevent such irregular behavior in future.
4. Telephonic conversation with strange females and other elements of immoral conduct is strictly prohibited. Students should refrain from sinful acts and evil habits; rather they should adopt Taqwa.
5. Radios, laptops, televisions, DVD players, firearms, un-Islamic literature, novels and other items that may be injurious to the students physically or morally etc. are prohibited. Such items will be confiscated forthwith.
6. Going to homes of relatives or friends and viewing television programmes is prohibited
7. Students are prohibited from smoking, taking alcoholic beverages or intoxicants of any kind, possessing or dealing in illegal drugs. Anyone found in possession of them will be expelled.
8. Sports activities are for fitness and recreational purposes. Students are not allowed to quarrel, bet or fight due to these activities. Students must wear such clothes while engaging in sporting activities that conform to the Sharī‘ah, i.e. the Satar must be covered at all times.

1. Students must strictly abide to the timetables of the Jameah. No one is allowed to remain absent from classes, studying periods and other related times without a valid reason and consent of the authorities.
2. Students must be present at the Jameah by Maghrib time the night before the Jameah resumes and cannot leave the Jameah before the official closing of the Jameah as per announcement.
3. Students must inform the Jameah prior to leaving the Jameah on weekends, holidays or any other time so the Jameah is aware of their whereabouts incase of anything occurring to them.
4. Every student must be present in the Masjid at least ten minutes before each Fardh Salāh.
5. Students staying in the Jameah during holidays should spend the first few days out in Jamāt. During that period the feeding mess will remain closed.

1. All students should live in a brotherly manner with their roommates and fellow students, and remain engaged in Islāmic activities and abide to the hostel rules.
2. All complaints should be lodged with the administration. Students should not take the law in their hands. The decision of the complaint committee will be binding.
3. Students should not borrow or appropriate anyone’s property without permission of the owner. Students caught for theft will be severely punished or expelled.
4. Allocations of rooms and seats for sleeping will be the sole prerogative of the administration. Students cannot change their seats without official approval.
5. No outsiders can be brought into the boarding house without permission from the office. Students will not be allowed to stay in the boarding house during the holidays without permission from the office.
6. Cleanliness of the rooms must be observed strictly.
7. Since all the needs of the students are catered for by the institution, no student is allowed to go to the malls, entertainment centres during the day or at night. That habit should be maintained even during holidays.
8. No student will be allowed to sleep outside the Jameah premises without prior permission.

1. Dressing should be in accordance with the Sunnah and Sharī‘ah. Western clothes i.e. jeans, t-shirts, shorts etc. are prohibited. Clothing with photos, pictures and inscriptions are not allowed. Fancy western style haircuts are not permitted. Trousers should be above the ankles.
2. Shaving of the beard or trimming it less than the Shar‘ī required length i.e. of one fist is prohibited. The moustache must be trimmed and clipped short.

1. Protecting the Jameah’s property is essential on every student.
Students will be liable for any damage caused willfully or through carelessness on their behalf.
2. Water and electricity should be used with strict measure.
3. A deposit of ZAR 500-00 should be paid against any damage caused to the Jameahs property. Money for deliberate damage caused beyond that amount too will be recovered from the student.

1. The Principal in his sole and absolute discretion may suspend any student for any un-Islāmic or immoral behavior or for an offence of a serious nature. In which case the student will be required to leave the Jameah premises immediately. The suspension notice will be forwarded to the parents as well. However, if he desires to be re-enrolled, he and the parent/guardian will be required to forward a written application to the Jameah.
2. Any student that is suspended or expelled will not be permitted to enter the Jameah premises without approval of the authorities and further notice.

1. Fees should be paid regularly. Whoever cannot afford it should apply to the Principal for a bursary or reduction.

1. Since Islām is a disciplinary religion that emphasizes good conduct, each student is required to comply with the laws of Islām together with the rules of the Jameah and instructions of the Teachers.
2. Rules and regulations are framed for the convenience of the students and smooth running of the institute. Compliance of which saves much time and energy, thus affords the student and administration greater opportunities to concentrate on the curriculum and disciplinary programmes. Therefore students are bound to obey and honor each and every rule set down herein.
3. Valuable items should not be brought to the Jameah. If brought, it should be deposited in the office; failing which, if it gets missing the onus will be entirely on the student.
4. Students are not allowed to give interviews on radio stations, television programmes or to the press etc., but with permission of the authorities of the institute, whether during Jameah days or otherwise.
5. Participation in political or anti-government activities of any nature is condemned and prohibited by the institute.
6. The institute will not be responsible for injuries sustained by student beyond the Jameah premises
7. Rules contained herein can be changed at the discretion of the authorities.