Sending Qurbaani to other countries


If one had to do a wajib qurbani and he do the qurbani in other country as it is more cheap,i will like to if the wajibad of the qurbani will lift off on him

With regards to the permissibility of sending money abroad for Qurbaani Ulama have given consent. However, these few aspects should be taken into consideration.
If Qurbaani is Waajib on a person who is not in any financial difficulty and he also wishes to make Nafl/additional Qurbaani i.e. he intends making his one Waajib Qurbaani and the additional Qurbaani abroad, then it will be best if he does his Waajib Qurbaani himself in his own country, so that the essence and spirit of Qurbaani is not lost/forgotten and can be experienced by him personally. Thus, he can send the monies for his Nafl Qurbaani abroad.
If Qurbaani is Waajib on a person who is in some sort of financial difficulty and he cannot afford to make Qurbaani in his own country, then in order for him to fulfil his Waajib Qurbaani it will be better for him to send his money abroad rather than leaving out his Qurbaani completely, because he cannot afford it.
Another aspect to be considered when sending money abroad for Qurbaani is the time factor. An example of this is, if Eid-ul-Adha in Mauritius falls on a Saturday but in India or Pakistan or wherever a person sends his money for his Qurbaani to be done, Eid-ul-Adha falls on a Friday then care should be taken and they (in India or Pakistan etc.) should be informed that his Qurbaani should be made on Saturday as Qurbaani only becomes Waajib on him on Saturday.

And Allah Ta’aala knows best

Huzaifah Bin Mohammed Anwer
Attested to as correct by:
Mufti Muhammed Ashraf
04 November 2010 /28 ZUL QA’DAH 1431