Quraanic verses to get married


My problem is that I am unmarried and facing great difficulty in getting married. My mother is very worried due to this reason. Very few proposals come due to my increased age i.e. 32 and don’t come second time and no progress is seen. I request you to please suggest me the Quranic verses/surahs or any other Islamic zilkar to get married soon as there is solution of every problem in Quran. Also tell me how the JAIZ dua is accepted?


After every Fardh Recite these verses of the Holy Quraan 3 times, verse (21-89) of Surah Ambiyaah and verse (25-74) of Surah Furqaan and recite one hundred times “ Ya badee’al ‘Al ;Ajaaib Bilk hair Yaa Badee’u.

And at nights recite one hundred times Yaa Laeefu and Yaa Wadoodu and after this make Du’aa hopefully Allah will remove your difficulties and he will grant you a pious loving partner. Aameen.

And Allah Ta’aala knows best

Mufti Muhammed Ashraf

07 OCTOBER 2010 / 28 SHAWWAAL 1431