Is it permissible to eat all types of fish


Remember that most fish are predators in their own way, various line fish feed on other fish, common hake is known to feed on large quantities of shrimp, krill and other fish. Even when it comes to sardines, which are known to feed on both type of plankton (there are two basic types of plankton: phytoplankton [plants] and zooplankton [animals].)

Just because something is a predator doesn


All that you have mentioned is correct and in accordance with the Hanafi school of taught. Amongst sea creatures all fishes are Halaal excluding that which dies a natural death and floats to the surface, even if such a fish is a predator or whether it be big or small. In essence Shari’ah has not given any definition of a fish. The method of recognizing a fish is based on what the general masses regard as fish. Therefore, whatever the masses regard as fish will be Permissible to eat.

And Allah Ta’aala knows best

Mufti Muhammed Ashraf

02 November 2010 /25 ZUL QA’DAH 1431