Can I watch these types of movies


Dear respected a’alim Islam I wish you


You should contact an experienced, well versed Hakeem and request his advice and treatment. Most of the time these actions are all related to the mind. Instead of viewing pornographic films you should imagine/picture/fantasize having intercourse with your wife and by doing this your desires should increase. Your wife should assist you and she should not feel shy. Even though she is not satisfied, she should show happiness so that that your desires are increased. By doing this, for a period of time, there is hope that it will become a habit/regular practice INSHA ALLAH and you will no longer have to rely on pornographic films to increase your desires. Instead of using stimulants you should eat good nutritional food which in turn will give you strength. If the hakeem prevents you from having intercourse with your wife for a little while in the beginning of the treatment, then follow his advice stringently.

And Allah Ta’aala knows best

Mufti Muhammed Ashraf

28 SEPTEMBER 2010 / 19 SHAWWAAL 1431