Is it permissible to get vaccinated


Is it permissible to get vaccinated? There is harm and benefit in it. Is one allowed to do so in Islam?


To remedy illness/sickness is permitted in Shariah. To utilize any Halaal substance as medication in ordinary situations is permissible. Vaccination is also a form of medication. Some doctors say; to use vaccines is necessary to avoid fatal sickness. Some doctors reject this. Therefore in this matter the Sharee’ verdict will be as follows, whoever has reliance in whichever doctor’s statements and research, should act accordingly, It has also been said that, certain vaccines contains Haraam components. If this information is correct then refraining from vaccines will be more appropriate, because all doctors are not unanimous that if one does not get vaccinated, his life or limb is in danger.

And Allah Ta’aala knows best

Mufti Muhammed Ashraf

27 MAY 2010 / 11 Jamaadul Ukhraa 1431