Artificial Insemination


I need clarification for my brother.

The problem is: He has got married since 10 years and the couple are not able to conceive yet. As per the medical reports the findings show that the sperms are weak and die before entering the womb to fertilize the eggs of his wife. Doctors have advised them to go for artificial insemination, wherein the sperms will be directly placed in the womb through injections, and they can achieve the pregnancy. Please advise if this process of artificial insemination is Halaal in Islam. If not then please advice the possible way for the couple to achieve pregnancy.


If the sperm of the husband is inserted into the womb of the wife in any way that makes it possible for her to conceive, then the Muslim Jurists have given permission for this.

And Allah Ta’aala knows best

Mufti Muhammed Ashraf

25 MAY 2010 / 10 Jamaadul Ukhraa 1431