Is it permissible to watch T.V (television)? I have been told that it will be permissible to watch T.V as long as what you watching is not unlawful. Is it Haraam or Makrooh?
If one only uses the T.V for his children to watch cartoons, will this be permissible?
If one has already bought a T.V set what should he do with it? Can he sell and use the money as he wishes or should that money be given to charity.
If a person sells T.V’s in his business, will his earning be Halaal?

Television is a means of portraying an incident coupled with movements, pictures and voices. There is a difference of opinion amongst the scholars regarding the watching/viewing of pictures of living creatures. Therefore, it is better not to watch T.V and not to keep it in one’s home. If a person watches T.V, then it will only be permissible to watch those things which are permissible to view without a T.V.

It is not advisable to sell T.V’s, however, if a person sells T.V’s, his earning will be Halaal.

A person who has a T.V may sell it and use the money as he wishes.

Cartoons are also under the law of pictures. Hence, it will be better to abstain.

And Allãh Ta’ãla knows best

Mufti Muhammed Ashraf
30 November 2011 / 04 Muharram 1432