Salaah of A Mah’dhur


A person is a Ma’dhur in Wudhu. When Maghrib time enters the person takes wudhu and prays Maghrib after this he gets at least the excuse once. Then a naqis occurs (his wudhu is now offcially broken). Then 10 minutes before Isha he makes Wudhu and prays Isha and no excuse or other naqis happens in between his taking wudhu and praying. After Isha he gets the excuse again.

In this case is his Isha valid?

As long as he makes Wudhu in the time span of Esha ( the time for Magrib has ended) then the Salaah will be valid otherwise not.

And AllãhTa’ãla knows best

Mufti Muhammed Ashraf
13 April 2011 / 09 Jumaadal Ula 1432