Is the rent I recieve Halaal


We currently have a theatre adjacent to our property and the only means of entering this complex is via our filling station driveway. We entered into an agreement with the theatre complex allowing their patrons access to the venue via our property. The parking booms for the complex is situated on our property and hence, we receive a financial contribution from them on a monthly basis. The actual parking bays for the theatre complex is housed within a building which is independent from us but to re-iterate this parking facility cannot be entered into without driving through our property. We also operate a carwash facility together with a workshop and both these operations entrance is through the same booms. It has come to our attention that there are intentions to convert this premises into a “men ANSWER: ?
In this situation A few thing have to be taken into consideration,
1. Non- Muslims do not have to follow the Islamic Shari’ah, hence, they can contract any type of business and they can be of any profession, so whatever finance they acquire, it will be totally permissible for them to use even to pay Muslims for items purchased from them. This concept and principle is based on a Hadith wherein the Holy Prophet(S.A.W) is reported to have said:
{????? ??? ????? ??? } “ Alcohol is for them just like vinegar is for us”
The explanation of this statement of the prophet (S.A.W) is not only regarding alcohol, but also to the other forms of Haraam items that are sanctioned by the non-Muslims with which they normally transact business dealings etc.

2. The agreement regarding which you entered with them is solely about the using of your property as an access to the venue of the theatre. You are not part of the theatre itself; therefore the income you receive from these people is Halaal for you.
3. The issue about the “men’s club” that you assume will be hosting strip shows is an external feature of this matter, it has no connection regarding the contract and agreement that you mentioned.

And AllãhTa’ãla knows best

Aslam bishnu

Attested to as correct by:
Mufti Muhammed Ashraf
09 February 2011 / 05 Rabee’ul Awwal 1432