cleaning the saliva of dogs


If a dog bite a trouser and left it wet and then this trouser put with a pile of other clean clothes, is that made all this pile of clothes dirty (Nagisah)and need purify by soil and water as hadith said?? if someone washed trouser which is (Nagis) dirty by water and soap only in the washing machine with other clothes not dirty (nagisah), is that make all clothes dirty (nagisah) and need to purified again with soil and water as hadith said or washing machine enough?

If anything becomes impure with the saliva of a dog, then it will be Mustahab to cleanse then item with soil, however, it is not necessary for soil to be used for that item to be cleansed/pure. If it is washed with water only then to the item will be cleansed. If impure clothing together with pure clothing is washed in a washing machine, then both (pure and impure) clothing will be pure and clean.

And AllãhTa’ãla knows best

Mufti Muhammed Ashraf
18 May 2011 / 14 Jumaadul Thaani 1432